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To Judge Fairly

February 15, 2012

The competition season is upon us. It started this year with the Judging Workshop delivered for over 80 members of Toastmasters District 71 Division B by Teresa Dukes, our Immediate Past District Governor forUKandIreland.

It was great to review the rules as well as get in focus the main task of the competition judge : to pick the best speaker on the night.

It is very easy to inadvertedly favour speakers or speeches. Many of us were cought out doing this in our practice session without even realizing it.

Judging process requires different mind set from evaluating. We don’t aim to motivate and recomend things for improvement. We focus on deciding who performed the speech best according to the criteria on the judging form.

 The scoring sheet is a great help and can be further broken down in more detailed entries to make the decision easier.

 We should avoid benchmarking i.e. comparing the speakers performances to the first speaker. Instead we ought to mark each speech independently. As long as we apply the criteria consistently, the outcome should reflect the best performance.

 As with every skill we acquire, experience makes the judging easier, so lets volunteer for the judging this March.

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