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London Corinthians: The best feedback and public speaking

November 23, 2012

Some advice just doesn’t motivate

Over the last couple of years I have learned a lot about public speaking from being a member at London Corinthians. It is as you’d expect, really, from London’s second oldest Toastmasters club.  What I hadn’t anticipated, an unexpected dividend, was that I’ve also learned a lot about giving feedback and teaching others. It’s a growing skill that is proving to be as useful to me as the public speaking that I came here to learn.

Most feedback I observe in the real world is pretty poor quality stuff –  a muffled “good”, grunted disapproval or it provides direction to the minutest detail. Feedback designed to tell the recipient exactly how to do something in minute detail, to impart wisdom and experience from above.  The reality is, that feedback like that just doesn’t work.

Most people learn most by doing, not by listening. Standing in a metaphorical pulpit and providing pearls of wisdom doesn’t help others to learn. Of course, feedback needs some content. Without some helpful hints and pointers, we’d never be able to learn anything new, we’d all have to reinvent the wheel time and time again. But effective feedback is really about motivating the recipient to have another go and implement the advice you offer.

At London Corinthians I observe some of the very best feedback around. Feedback that helps by providing that honest, accurate content. Feedback that reminds speakers of the things that they did well and setting out how they could do things better. It’s what makes London Corinthians such a great place to learn about and practice public speaking. Oh, and such a great place to learn about and practice giving feedback.


President 2012-13


Working or living in the LondonVictoria area? Want to know more about becoming a better public speaker? Visit London Corinthians on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Thursdays @ 7.30pm.Find out more about us on our website: . Like us on Facebook:  Follow us on Twitter:

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