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Lights, Camera, Action! How London Corinthians made me a more articulate interviewee

November 28, 2012

A photo of Aldous on camera wasn’t available, so have one of formidable interviewee Mrs T and Robin Day instead.

I’ve always felt uncomfortable in front of camera – never sure where to look, painfully aware of every movement in my body. Trying extra hard to come across natural but ending up doing the opposite.And then having to speak as well?!

So when I was given the responsibility of communicating with the Press at work I shuddered at the thought of conducting interviews on camera – the cameraman, sound guy and sharp suited journalist all seemingly trying to catch me out.

Like many I joined Corinthians to better myself at work, improve my presentation skills, practice
speaking and manage my nerves. Performing better in front of camera was another aim of mine.

I conducted my first interview at a conference in February. It was appalling. The “ums” and” ahs” and “you knows” had me cringing and I hated myself! I had a little media training after but it was only when I joined Corinthians that I felt real improvement. Within only 4 meetings I was feeling my confidence grow.

Last week I conducted a 3 minute interview on camera with my boss. I felt nervous but I prepared well and remembered all the recommendations from the meetings I had been to. Don’t hand clasp, look people in the eye, pausing is ok. It wasn’t perfect, there were a few “ums” and at points I think I rambled a bit – but it felt a hundred times better than my previous interviews, some colleagues even said I came across better than my boss!…all thanks to Corinthians.

Aldous, Corinthian, 2012.


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