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Past President Interview: Graham Price (2004-05) on how to be extraordinary

December 1, 2012

“I grabbed the opportunity. Why wouldn’t anyone?”

 Q: During your time as President did anything memorable take place during meetings or otherwise?

Hard to recall specifics but the overall experience is certainly memorable. Great opportunity to be president of a great club.

Q: Will you describe the best speech you heard during your Presidency? What made it so good?

Mine of course ….. well it’s the only one I can remember so it will have to be. I introduced impromptu speeches (genuine impromptu speeches where someone selects a topic with no warning and no preparation …. not the advanced TM project where someone selects one of five prepared speeches). I hope the advanced TM project has ceased and genuine impromptu speeches have continued. I’m afraid I’ve never agreed with TM wisdom that becoming a great speaker takes lots of preparation for every speech. I believe the opposite is true. In my view, the key to becoming a great speaker is to be bold and courageous and stretch yourself every time you get an opportunity to speak in the safe environment of a Toastmasters club.

Q: What made you decide to become President? How did it come about?

The opportunity arose. I grabbed it. Why wouldn’t anyone?

Q: What have you taken away with you from your time as President? Did you achieve your goals?

More confidence and, hopefully, more abilities as a speaker. Goals absolutely achieved. I set up my company, Abicord, straight after and started presenting personal development programmes called ‘The Power to Choose’ soon after. They’re still running and expanding into new areas such as our ‘Training and Sailing’ development programmes and ‘Get Slim Guaranteed’ weight loss programme.

Q: Is there any advice you would give to future Presidents with the benefit of hindsight?

Make the most of it. Don’t hold back. It’s a one-time opportunity. Like life, you only get one chance. Don’t wait until your confidence builds. Be extraordinary from the beginning. If you don’t feel extraordinary, pretend to be. Reality will catch up in its own time. Then do the same with life.


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