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London Corinthians Testimonial: Vaughan, Strategy Consultant and Author

December 18, 2012

Vaughan Evans: Member of London Corinthians since 1990

Q: Why and when did you join LC?

It was 1990, I was standing for parliament and was apprehensive about talking in front of an audience. My party suggested the City Lit. I went to one session, where I learnt how to make weird contortions and sounds with tongue and lips. A fat load of use that was; I did not return and found Corinthians instead.

Q: How has it helped you as a public speaker?

It transformed me. As long as I feel confident that I know what I am talking about, I enjoy speaking in public.

Q: Why do you think the toastmasters model has been so successful in producing top public speakers?

Because it reinforces a simple learning programme with positive feedback at all times (the infamous AA-style clapping!) and with evaluations from more experienced speakers including recommendations on how to improve and fine tune your speeches and speaking style

Q: Why is LC the best TM club in London?

Because Corinthians was created in 1990 to marry learning with enjoyment and to ensure everyone leaves with a buzz in the ear – and the Corinthian culture has remained thus to this day!

Q: What final advice would you give to someone wanting to improve their public speaking ability?

Come regularly. Public speaking is like a muscle. It needs exercise. Race through the manual or take your time. It doesn’t matter. Just come along – whether for a few months, a few years or, like me, a couple of decades – and let your style evolve and sharpen.

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