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London Corinthians Testimonial: Keiran, Diplomat

January 2, 2013

Keiran has found that being at London Corinthians has improved his public speaking at work

Q: Why and when did you join LC? 

I joined London Corinthians in early 2012 after having arrived into London January 2011.  I had been thinking about toastmasters for a while as a way to improve my confidence at speaking in meetings and improving my poor past speech performances.  I stumbled across London Corinthians on the web and just decided to turn up one evening for a meeting.  I decided to join straight away after the warm welcome and the fun approach the club took to public speaking.

My only regret now is that I didn’t join London Corinthians earlier.

Q: How has it helped you as a public speaker?

By getting plenty of speaking opportunities during London Corinthian meetings in a relatively short space of time, I have noticed that my speaking and negotiation skills at meetings and when speaking in public have dramatically improved.

Whilst at the club, I have learnt to overcome some of my nerves (I still get a few, but it is now so much easier compared to when I started) and structure my thoughts far more convincingly.  The feedback I have received from each time I talk or perform a functionary role has improved my confidence levels enormously.

Q: Why do you think the toastmasters model has been so successful in producing top public speakers?

Toastmasters has a very simple model that caters for everyone’s needs.  Even top public speakers know that the only way they will continue to develop is by regularly attending and contributing to the meetings.  The guidance you receive from the toastmaster format gradually teaches you to explore all the skills and traits you need to be a top class speaker.

Q: Why is LC the best TM club in London?

Quite simply, the enthusiasm and quality of the individuals at London Corinthians is amazing.  The members are incredibly supportive and focused on helping everyone in the club improve their speaking and leadership skills. London Corinthians has a long and proud history that supports everyone’s differing ability regardless of how good you are, in a very friendly and fun atmosphere.

Q: What final advice would you give to someone wanting to improve their public speaking ability?

Just go for it and don’t hold back. Don’t come to Toastmasters and sit on the sidelines and watch – just jump right in and do as much as possible.  The only way to improve and make the most of toastmasters is to be prepared to get up and talk.  The more you do, the better you will get.

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