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Am I Really Bad at Public Speaking? The Problem of Self Perception

January 15, 2013
We often think we're worse public speakers than we are.

Steven’s Mum thinks he’s a great speaker.  For all his experience, the truth is, she’s probably a better judge than he is.

On Thursday night, my mum who is visiting from Australia came to her first Toastmasters Meeting.  She was extremely impressed with the calibre of each and every speaker, who spoke during the evening, including myself (she is just being a proud mum!).

Speaking to her on our journey home, made me realise that our own perceptions of how we perform, can sometimes be completely different to how audience may view our performance.    A poor speaking performance may not be as bad as you think.  It is important to receive feedback from both experienced toastmasters and the average person on the street.  But more importantly you need absorbe the feedback and determine how can it help in your development.

Each time you stand up in front of the audience is another small step in your development.   Using each speech wisely to focus on an area of feedback, will result in quicker progress, instead of viewing each speech as simply an “opportunity” to speak.



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