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Ask a Speaker: How Can I Appear More Confident on Stage?

February 6, 2013

speaker panel

The “ask a speaker series” consists of a series of posts, each one designed to answer a common problem people face when speaking in public. We ask our top speaking experts, with almost a century of public speaking experience between them, how it’s done.

Imagine the scene. You’re preparing for an important presentation in front of clients or your peers. You need to appear as though you know your material, as if you’re in control. In this post, we ask our panel “how I can appear more confident on stage?”.

George Jerjian (Marketing Professional, Past President 2001-2):
My advice would always be:
STAND with your feet firmly on the ground,
and then Just be yourself.

Vaughan Evans (Strategy Consultant, Member since 1990):

It’s all about eye contact. Look us in the eyes, one pair of eyes at a time, 10 seconds on each and work the room in a Z

David West (Retired Benefits Consultant, Toastmaster for over ten years):

Imagine you are talking to your friends rather than an audience of strangers.  They will be less like strangers if you get a chance to speak to them before you give your talk. That way there should be some friendly or at least familiar faces in the audience!

Jakub Pawlowski (National Speech Competition Runner Up, London Division Governor of Toastmasters International):

Make sure that you prepare as best as you can. If you know your material, have practised before and visualised your time on stage, you have nothing to be afraid of! You should also convince yourself that everyone in the audience wants you to succeed….Because that’s true!

Mark Yansen (Contest Winner and Corinthians Vice President Education 2012-13):

Practice, practice and practice because the more than one does, the less one has to be nervous about, so the more confident one can be.


Have you got a question to ask our panel. Feel free to post any questions in the comments below, or contact us at with your public speaking related questions.

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