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Past President’s Interview: The upbeat Celia Jones (1995-96) on smiling at meetings

June 14, 2013


Q: During your time as President did anything memorable take place during meetings or otherwise?

We held the second District 71 Conference at the Russ Hill Hotel in Gatwick… not somewhere you’d want to go to now, trust me!!

Jill Shatz was Conference Director and we started with a Barn Dance on the Friday night, which changed the format of Conference Fridays thereafter. Fellow Corinthians travelled from all round London to help out, and it was a great Corinthian success.

Q: Will you describe the best speech you heard during your Presidency? What made it so good?

So many brilliant speeches during my 20 or so years as a member, really can’t remember one from that year….

Q: What made you decide to become President? How did it come about?

Had fulfilled all the other roles on the committee, and at the time, the reward for being on the committee for 4 years was to be President – also having been EVP or VPE the year before, when everything was mailed by post so not as easy as emailing everyone these days!!

Q: What have you taken away with you from your time as President? Did you achieve your goals?

Just what a great club Corinthians was – good supportive members, whether you’re a first-timer or the President, there’s always someone to help you out. Didn’t start with goals, except the usual numbers of new members, CTMs (as they were), etc, which happily we did achieve.

Q: Is there any advice you would give to future Presidents with the benefit of hindsight

Best advice I was given was to smile at the start of the meeting and be as up-beat as possible – the whole meeting is often reflected on how the President opens the proceedings, so worth enthusing at the start… not too difficult really!



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