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The Ultimate Secret to Speaking in Public Is…!

August 21, 2013
Passion lips

These lips are made for talking, that’s just what they’ll do…

What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything?  Douglas Adams thought it was the number 42, but he was wrong.  It is public speaking.  Public speaking is the key to opening so many doors of opportunity in life.

But what is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and how to speak in public?  Here is my shortlist of three:

  • Structure your speech with an opening, body and conclusion
  • Look the audience in the eye
  • Speak with passion

Sure, they are all important, but which is the most important of these three?  I put this to a meeting of Corinthians on August 8th and a good majority agreed with me: it is to speak with passion on a subject about which you feel passionate.  It will transform your speaking style, whether you are new to public speaking or a seasoned old pro like me.  Your whole persona will radiate emotion and enthusiasm and that will infect and suck in the audience.

Think of Martin Luther King speaking with passion about racial equality.  In scary contrast, think of Adolf Hitler speaking just as passionately, and tragically just as effectively, about racial hatred.  Or think of Homer Simpson when he speaks passionately of his family.  He meets an alien and says: “Please don’t eat me, I have a wife and three kids. Eat them!”

That’s another secret, by the way.  Stick in a slug of humour into every single speech.  But we’ll come to that another day.  For the time being,  make sure you infuse your every speech with passion, with red hot passion!#

VE, President

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