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Being persuasive: BED the audience!

May 25, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave you ever been involved, either as the doer or the doee, in the act of seduction?!

Seduction is an important art, a manifestation, if perhaps extreme, of the art of persuasion. In the words of the 18th century writer/philosopher Voltaire: “Eet ees not enough to persuade, one must learn to seduce”!

So here are three tips on persuasive speaking taken from the art of seduction: you need to be believable, emotive and demanding. Strangely enough, that happens to spell the acronym B-E-D!

First, believable – you and your storyline have to be credible. You need to have both the facts that support your case and the experience that gives your interpretation of the facts credibility. In seduction, the essential fact you need to convey to your audience, typically of one, is that he or she is particularly pleasing on the eye – and in this matter, given your wealth of experience, you can claim to be a veritable authority.

Second, emotive. You cannot expect the audience to follow you unless you appeal not just to their head, but to their heart. In the art of seduction, the 18th century Venetian philanderer Giacomo Casanova speaks not of lust, but lurrrve. He doesn’t say ‘ti desidero”, he says “ti amo, mia bellissima.”

Third, demanding. You must conclude your persuasive speech with a demand, a rousing call to action. Whatever it is you are espousing, be it recycling your waste, voting for UKIP or both – aren’t they the same thing? – you must conclude with a call to do something about it. In seduction, the process can only conclude with a coruscating crescendo and a cacophonous, calamitous, cymbal-clashing climax!

So in a persuasive speech just remember these three things: be believable, emotive and demanding. B, E, D. Your aim is to BED the audience. Finally, here are some words of wisdom on this theme by the sensational Swiss siren, Ursula Andress, who said: “I don’t use my body to seduce, no. I just stand there!”


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