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Welcome, bienvenue, croeso to London Corinthians Toastmasters, the public speaking club with a difference, THE CLUB WITH THE BUZZ!

Our philosophy, undimmed since formation in 1990 as only the second Toastmasters club in London, is simple. We believe that public speaking is best learnt not just in an atmosphere of mutual support, which you will find in all Toastmasters clubs, but also in an atmosphere of merriment!

Come to one of our meetings, join us in the pub afterwards and you’ll find your head still buzzing with excitement the following morning. You will have been informed, educated, persuaded, even inspired in a host of unexpected directions – AND thoroughly entertained throughout.

Our club is not for everyone. Some people prefer a calmer, quieter atmosphere, or one which is ultra warm and cosy. Some like a more formal, ‘civilised’ atmosphere – in a rather pinky-finger-round-the-tea-cup sort of way. That is fine – there are these days all sorts of Toastmaster clubs and we can point you in the right direction.

But if you’re game for an evening of learning AND fun, give Corinthians a go!

We believe our buzz to be transformational. It makes hesitant speakers good, good speakers great. The proof is in the pudding. Our presidents and contest winners over the years, many now renowned in Toastmaster and/or professional speaking circles, are awesome speakers. But each of them started off one day as a guest, wandering in through the Corinthian door wondering what all the hype was all about.

We can also point to scores of members in the last two and a half decades who have not been stellar speakers and never aspired to be. They joined to improve their public speaking skills, and improve they did. Uplifted by their peers, they have become able, competent speakers, visibly more confident and incomparably better at communicating than when they first stepped through the door.

Come check us out – THE CLUB WITH THE BUZZ!

We meet on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Thursdays of the month at 7.30pm at a venue in the Victoria area. Find out where and loads more about us at:

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